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About Kozhikode

Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, is a coastal city in the southern Indian state of Kerala, famous for its historical role as a major trading port and the center where Vasco da Gama landed in 1498. It is known for its beautiful beaches, spice markets, and vibrant cultural heritage. As of 2023, Kozhikode has a population of about 2.1 million people.
The city experiences a tropical monsoon climate, characterized by high humidity and moderate temperatures throughout the year. The monsoon seasons from June to September and October to December bring significant rainfall, while the dry season from January to May is generally cooler and more comfortable for visiting.
Kozhikode is served by the Calicut International Airport, located about 28 kilometers from the city center. This airport has good connectivity with the Middle East, including direct flights from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, operated by airlines such as Air Arabia and Air India Express.
Kozhikode's cuisine is renowned for its Malabar flavors, featuring an array of seafood dishes, biryanis, and sweet treats. Popular dishes include Kozhikodan biryani, made with fragrant spices and local rice, and mussels cooked with coconut. The city is also famous for its Halwa, a sweet confectionery made from fruit and flour.
For tourists, Kozhikode offers several attractions that showcase its rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty. The Kozhikode Beach is perfect for watching sunsets and enjoying local snacks. The Mishkal Mosque, an ancient mosque built without nails, reflects the city’s historical Islamic architecture. For a taste of history, the Pazhassiraja Museum and Art Gallery displays murals and antique bronzes.
Nature lovers will appreciate the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, located nearby, which is home to a wide variety of migratory birds, especially during the winter months.
Visa requirements for UAE nationals visiting Kozhikode are the same as for any other entry into India. Those who have previously obtained an e-visa or a regular visa are eligible for a Visa-on-Arrival for their subsequent visits. First-time visitors need to apply for an e-visa or a regular visa beforehand. The Visa-on-Arrival application form (Annexure I) can be filled out prior to arrival or completed upon entering India.

Transportation to Kozhikode City Center from Airport


Calicut Intl. Airport

From Calicut International Airport to Kozhikode City Center 

Calicut International Airport 

Calicut International Airport (IATA: CCJ) is located 28 kilometers from Kozhikode city center, in the state of Kerala. This airport serves Kozhikode, as well as Kalipur, Malappuram, and Wayanad in the Malappuram district of the south Malabar region. Its proximity to the city center offers a variety of transportation options for its visitors, such as taxis, buses, rental cars, auto rickshaws, and hotel shuttles. You can easily reach the city center or the nearest railway station, which is the Feroke railway station, and connect to other major cities in India. Calicut International Airport has one integrated terminal with 23 check-in counters, 42 immigration counters, 5 customer counters, and three security checks. This airport provides services like ATMs, duty-free shops, a bank, an exchange office, a business center, cafes, restaurants, and lounges, which is one being economy class and the other being VIP. Also, a parking lot with a capacity of 542 vehicles and car rental counters are available at the Calicut International Airport.


Flybuses are operated by Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation(KSRTC) from Calicut International Airport to Kozhikode city center. You can visit the Flybus Booking counters at the airport which are located outside of both terminals. As payment, they accept only cash and although prices start from INR 7, the final price is determined according to your destination so it may differ. The timetable of routes from Calicut International Airport to Kozhikode city center is as follows: 08:00, 09:00, 10:30, 11:30, 13:10, 14:00, 15:30, 16:25, 18:00, 18:45, 20:20, 21:20. 


A ride from Calicut International Airport to Kozhikode city center takes around 40-50 minutes. There are several taxi companies at the airport, such as Calicut Taxi, Taxi Metro, BCabs, and My Taxi India, which provide services 24/7. Pre-paid taxis are also available and operate 24/7 as well. You can find taxis outside of terminals and prices change according to your location and time, but generally cost between INR 1500-1800.  

Rental Car

International rental car companies such as Europcar, Sixt, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and more are available at the Calicut International Airport, specifically outside of the terminals. You can choose one both for transportation from the airport to the Kozhikode city center and getting around the city. The prices may differ according to mileage, car type, duration, and more, thus keep in mind that rental cars are generally the most expensive option for transportation.

Auto Rickshaw

If you are not traveling with a carry-on, an auto rickshaw is the best method of transportation from Calicut International Airport to Kozhikode city center. You can find them outside of terminals or demand one from the airport. Fares are determined per kilometer, starting around INR 15, so do not forget to ask for an estimated price before embarking. 

Hotel Shuttles

Some hotels provide shuttle services from Calicut International Airport to the Kozhikode city center or your hotel. Make sure to ask if this service exists before your flight and share your flight time. Prices may differ as some hotels apply a fee while others provide this service free of charge.

Weather in Kozhikode

DayMin - Max
TuesdayMin 27ºC - Max 29ºC
WednesdayMin 26ºC - Max 29ºC
ThursdayMin 26ºC - Max 28ºC
FridayMin 25ºC - Max 28ºC
SaturdayMin 25ºC - Max 27ºC

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