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Transportation to Muscat Airport from the City Center

Muscat, the capital city of Oman with a population of about 1.5 million, is a large port city in the Gulf of Oman stretching along the Arabian Sea. The road connections between Muscat International Airport, a busy airport, and the city center are quite extensive. These routes, which are linked to both the other cities of Oman and the neighboring cities outside the country, are close to Muscat Airport.

It is recommended for you to have a guide map with you at the taxis or rental cars that you can use to get to the airport from the city center of Muscat.

Because the city has many districts, you must find the roads or the means of public transport leading to Muscat Airport on the internet.


There are 60 bus stops serving permanently in Muscat. The rapidly growing population of the city and its reputation for tourism has created the need to expand public transport in the city. Sixteen of the forty new buses built under the leadership of the Oman National Transportation Company (ONTC) have replaced old buses on the route of Ruwi-Wadi Kabir.

With the new modernized buses, the new Ruwi-Wadi Adai line was opened. As a result of increasing the number of stops, there has also been an increase in urban public transport usage. New buses connecting to Ruwi and Muscat Airport started service at the end of 2015.

Busses serving between 6 am and 10 pm pass through the Sultan Qaboos motorway to reach the airport, just like any other means of transport.


There are few taxis in some places in Muscat, while there are more in some other place. Where there are plenty of taxis, the prices are lower because of the competition.

Muscat city is both the capital and the biggest city of Oman, so you can come across taxis very often. At least if you are familiar with the following information, it will be easier for you to bargain with the taxi drivers: if the distance to your destination is below 2 kilometers the average you would pay is 0.5 riyals, and it is 2.5 riyals if the distance is about 5 kilometers. From Ruwi, one of Muscat's most important settlement centers, it costs around 8 riyals to go to the Muscat Airport by taxi.

There are two varieties of taxis in the city; one is white, and the other is orange. The vast majority of taxi drivers are Omani. Orange taxis are local, while white ones are a bit more upscale, airport taxis. You often find orange taxis in the city. If you are going to the airport from the city center, we suggest you prefer the orange car in terms of being cheaper.

Car Rental

As a foreign visitor, you can use your driver's license for 1 month within the boundaries of Oman. You can rent a car from the offices of car rental companies in the airport or at Muscat city center. Although the daily car rental fee is about 40 riyals, this price may vary depending on the characteristics of the car and whether or not you negotiate a bit.

To reach the airport from any point of the city, you have to enter the Sultan Qaboos motorway. If you are coming from the city center, you can follow the signs of the airport by entering this highway on the west side of the city and continuing from the right lane. Do not forget to rent also a navigation device while renting your car. The car rental option, which offers much cheaper opportunities than the taxi, is also the type of transportation preferred by tourists because oil is cheap in the country.

Airport Information

The name of Muscat International Airport, opened in 1973, was originally Seeb Airport until 2008because it was located in Seeb region. Located 30 kilometers west of Muscat city center, the airport's annual passenger capacity is approximately 6 million. Muscat Airport, Oman's largest airport, is also the primary airport of Oman Airlines.

The airport has airport shuttle buses with a capacity of seven people operated by the airport which are more expensive than public transport. You can visit the official website of Oman Airlines travel agency and contact the company. Oman is a country with high levels of cars in the traffic. Therefore, Muscat Airport has a parking area with a capacity of 396 vehicles.

On the first floor of the airport is the Tourist Information Office. There is a mosque in an area very close to the airport terminal. There is a free Wi-Fi service, a currency exchange office serving 24/7, ATMs, a clinic providing health services that you can find open all the time in the airport. Showering areas, smoking areas, travel agencies, car rental companies, retail stores, playground for children are other platforms can also be found in Muscat Airport.

You can shop at duty-free where the perfume, jewelry and other things are cheaper at the departure terminal of the airport. The airport is home to world famous eating and drinking areas such as Coffe & More, Costa Coffee, Subway, DQ Grill & Chill, The Irish House (Bar), Automatic Restaurant (Gulf region regional cuisine), Curry Kitchen (indian cuisine) and (South Indian food).

Last Updated: 17 Jun 2017

Transportation to Dubai City Center from Airport

Dubai Intl. Airport


Taxi rates in Dubai are quite cheap. Since the airport is located in such close proximity to the city center taxis are one of the most preferred methods of transportation. Especially if you’re traveling with a few people! Airport taxis belong to a state-run company and all of them operate by using a taximeter. Most of the taxi drivers are immigrants who speak English. The taxi ride to the city center from the airport is quite short, when there’s no traffic. For example, it takes about 10 minutes to get to the city center and about 15 minutes to get to the World Trade Center. You can find airport taxis at the arrivals hall exit of every terminal. 


Buses are the cheapest transportation alternative to get to the city center but taking a taxi is a bit more laborious. Buses are also a slower method of transportation especially if you have a lot of luggage and land during rush hour.  People who are familiar with the city generally prefer taking the bus. You can access different buses from the airport’s three terminals. However, the main bus line passes by the bus stop in front of Terminal 1. Most of the international flights to Dubai land at Terminal 1. Some lines pass by more than one terminal. There are bus lines with various routes that run every 20-30 minutes from Terminal 1. The most widely used bus lines to get to the city center are lines 401 and 402. Bus line 401 departs from Dubai International Airport and goes to the Al Sabkha stop, with stops along the way including DNATA, Al Maktoum Road, and Deira Taxi Station.

Bus line 402 departs from the airport and goes to the Al Ghubaiba stop, with stops along the way including Deira City Center, Al Karama, Golden Sands, and Al Mankhool.

In addition to these two main lines there are other lines that pass in front of Terminal 1. You can take the C1 bus to Satwa Bus Station, bus No. 4 to the Rashidiya stop or Gold Souq stop, or bus X28 to destinations that are further away, like the Jebel Ali stop. You can also access these stops taking other buses that follow different routes.

Buses usually operate from 5 am to 11 pm. The operating hours for certain bus lines can vary. There are also bus lines that operate at night. For example the C1 line is a night bus, which departs from Terminal 3, passes by Terminal 1, and runs on the following route to the Satwa Bus Station, Cargo Village, Flame Intersection, DNATA, Clock Tower, and El Maktum.

The N4 bus, which goes to the same station but passes through Deira City Center, is another. The N1 night bus departs from Terminal 2, stops at Terminal 1, and goes through Deira City Center all the way to the Jebel Ali Gardens.

Passengers going to Abu Dhabi from Dubai need to get on the buses departing from Al Ghubaiba. Abu Dhabi is located 160 km from the city center and the bus ride there takes about 2 hours.

Similarly, those who want to go to Sharjah, which is located 10 km from Dubai, can find buses that depart from the same stop. One thing to take note of is making sure to get your bus ticket or bus card before boarding the bus because you cannot pay in cash on the bus. You can purchase a single use or daily use bus card. You have to swipe your card twice on the bus, once when you get on and once when you get off. 


One of the easiest and most comfortable transportation alternatives to get to the city center is by metro. By using Dubai’s modern metro network you can get to the city center and surrounding locations avoiding any traffic. A standard metro ticket is slightly more expensive than the bus but it is still very reasonable. The metro also features different ticket classes for those who want a more comfortable experience. The Gold Class ticket is twice as much as a standard ticket. The Dubai Metro also has areas reserved solely for women and children. These areas are not mandatory but women who want can travel in a separate section by using these areas. The Dubai Metro runs from 5:50 am to midnight, except on Fridays. On Fridays the metro doesn’t start to run until 1 pm. If you have to go to the airport after midnight you won’t be able to use the metro.

The Dubai Metro operates two lines, the Red Line and the Green Line. You can access the Red Line from Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 at the airport. The metro system is fully automated and runs without a driver. The metro departs every 4 to 8 minutes.

Trains that depart from the Rashidiya Station to Jebel Ali Metro Station pass by the following stops respectively, Emirates, Airport Terminal 3, Airport Terminal 1, GIGICO, Deira City Center, Al Rigga, Union, Burjuman, Al Karama, Al Jafiliya, World Trade Center, Emirates Tower, Financial Centre, Dubai Mall, Business Bay, Noor Bank, First Gulf Bank, Mall of Emirates, Sharaf, Dubai Internet City, Nakheel, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lakes Tower, Nakheel Harbour, Ibn Battuta, Energy and Danube. A significant part of this route is above ground so you can enjoy views of the city. The Union and Burjuman stops along this route intersect with the Green Line, which passes through the Old City. Passengers can transfer to the Green Line from these stops and head to different areas. The Green Line operates between the Etisalat Metro Station and the Creek Metro Station. Stations on the Green Line are Etisalat, Al Qusais, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Al Nahda, Statdium, Al Qiyadah, Abu Hail, Abu Baker Al Siddique, Salah Al Din, Union, Baniyas Square, Palm Deira, Al Ras, Al Ghubaiba, Al Fahidi, Burjuman, Oud Metha, Dubai Healthcare City, Al Jadaf, and Creek. 

You can get off the metro at a stop that is convenient for you and transfer to a bus or take a taxi to reach your destination. There are many hotels and shopping centers that are located about 15-minutes away from these stops on foot.

Rental Car

You can rent a car at the airport from rental car companies located in each terminal. The price of gasoline in the city is fairly cheap, which allows for a more flexible itinerary. For example, if you rent a car while in Dubai you could travel to other cities in the United Arab Emirates like Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. Visiting these cities by car is much more convenient than using public transportation options.

There are 12 rental car companies at Dubai International Airport; Avis, Budget, Al Wefaq, Diamondlease, Dollar, Europcar, Fast, Hertz, National, Payless, Sixt and Thrifty.

Hotel Shuttle Service

There are many hotels in Dubai that offer shuttle services to and from the airport. However these services are usually for a cost. We recommend inquiring about these services when making your hotel reservation. Some hotels that are located in close proximity to the airport might offer this shuttle service for free.

Last Updated: 10 Jun 2019

Sharjah Intl. Airport

Sharjah International Airport, connecting Dubai with other centers in the world, is about 15 kilometers away from the city center. While there are means of public transports that you can benefit in this route, these vehicles do not operate frequently. If you want to go to Sharjah or Dubai from the airport, the best option would be to take a taxi. You can find a taxi 24 hours a day at the airport. If you are planning to spend a few days or more in the city, you can also opt for renting a car as an alternative to the taxis. Almost all of the major international car rental companies serve passengers at the airport. Getting to the center of Dubai from Sharjah International Airport takes an average of 20-30 minutes. If you will get on the road in the city at a time when traffic is heavy, you should not forget it will take you a bit longer than this.

Car Rental

You can rent a car 24 hours a day, seven days a week from companies such as Hertz, Budget, Maximum, Sixt, Europcar, Dollar and AVIS which serve at Sharjah International Airport. If you would like to rent a car from Hertz, you can contact the company at 06-552-8290 and get information. If you prefer to rent your car from Budget, you can call the rental office at 06-558-0366 for more detailed information and reserve your car. If you wish your car to be ready at the airport close to the city center of Dubai when you land, you can also call companies like Sixt at 06-558-0310, Europcar at 06-558-1322 and Dollar Rent A Car at 06-336-5065.


You can also take the bus from the airport to the get to the city center of Sharjah or Dubai. But you have to keep in mid that it is not possible to take a bust to go to Dubai from the airport late at night. If you need to get to Sharjah and your flight is not too late, you can take advantage of buses departing every 15 minutes. Although they are not practical and fast, buses stand out with their advantages in terms of price. As a more economical and alternative method, you can also take the bus to the city center and continue by taxi to the hotel or to other places you want to reach in the city.


Passengers landing to Dubai's Sharjah International Airport mostly prefer taxis to get to the center of Dubai or Sharjah . At the airport there is a 24-hour taxi service every day of the week. You can continue your trip to the city center by taking one of these taxis as soon as you exit the terminal, without having to search for any different vehicles. All the taxis in Dubai have taximeters. Thanks to these devices, you can travel without worrying about the amount you will pay. The opening fare of the taxis at the airport is usually more than the ones in the center. On the other hand, the average fare for the journey from the airport to the city center would cost around 30-40 USD.

Private Airport Shuttle

If you need to travel from the airport to the center of the city with a few people or more crowded groups, one of the best vehicles you can choose without a doubt is the private airport shuttles. Many companies in the city offer this service. The fares of these shuttles vary according to the distance traveled and the number of passengers. You can reach your hotel or other important points in the center of Dubai with these private shuttles. If you reserve one of these vehicles and pay in advance of your arrival, you can benefit from these at more reasonable prices and you can find your shuttle ready at the terminal at the time of your arrival.

Luxury Transfer Vehicles

If you want to travel from Sharjah International Airport to the city center with a much more luxurious and comfortable vehicle, you can choose limousines that are preferred mostly by those visiting the city for business purposes. The limousines that pick up their passengers from the departure gates of Sharjah Airport take them to the center very quickly compared to other vehicles. This is also why limousines offer a great advantage for passengers who want to save time.

Last Updated: 11 Feb 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest Muscat-Dubai flights?

When you search for Muscat-Dubai flights, Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data from all airlines. You can see all Muscat-Dubai flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight.

Which airports can I use for Muscat-Dubai flights?

For Muscat-Dubai flights, you can use Muscat International Airport as departure airport, and Al Maktoum Intl. Airport, Dubai Bus Station, Dubai Creek Airport, Dubai Intl. Airport, Dubai Marina Mall Bus Station, Jebel Ali Free Zone Airport, Al Minhad Airport, Sharjah Intl. Airport, Dubai NP Bus Station for arrival.

How many kilometers is the flight distance from Muscat-Dubai and how long does the flight take?

The flight distance between Muscat-Dubai is 381 kilometers in total. The flight between the two cities takes 1 hour 10 minutes.

Which day is the most convenient for Muscat-Dubai flights?

When the average prices are examined, the most suitable day for Muscat-Dubai flights is Sunday.

Which airlines offer direct flights between Muscat-Dubai?

Air Arabia organizes direct flights between Muscat-Dubai.